Saving on Research

If you are anything like me you love books. I have to be careful not to purchase so many that it overtakes the house.

When we go on road trips just to get out of the house we will make a habit to stop at Thrift Stores to look for bargains. The older books stuffed with ideas hidden from today’s generations is the most priceless commodity.

Knowledge for research is mandatory for any writer. Information is never out of date.

There is so many questions about copyright from new writers like me. I was  excited to find this 2012 published  Paten, Copyright & Trademark soft cover edition for $6.99.

Getting through the First Five Chapters

So I had this idea write a chapter a day then go back and edit it then continue the process.

It worked for maybe three days until importabtant family issues came up. Like when my husband coming home. Exhausted from his early rise of 3am to go to work then drag himself home to the comfy chair nestled in front of the TV starving .

So I find my copper nonstick fry pan. which makes incredible no burned French toast or omelets and spend time with him before going to find at least five minutes for a few paragraphs until work.

Or even my son who works various hours will get excited about something in which he must share. Then i start back maybe i can get in one paragraph before work.

Before i am able to get much down it’s time to get ready for work…

It is time to get back to work from my break.

Have a wonderful writing day,blessings Taanjia